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My name is Kate Major of Major Translations, and I’m committed to upholding the trust and confidence of visitors to my website, my clients, colleagues and suppliers. This Privacy Policy outlines the types of personal data I collect, when and why I collect that personal data, how I use it, the limited conditions under which I may disclose it to others, and how I keep it secure.

You may contact me in my capacity as Data Controller in relation to my powers, duties and liabilities as set out in the EUROPEAN GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 by writing to Kate Major, Avenida de Lugo 124 – 4B, Monterroso, 27560 LUGO, Spain or via email to

  1. Client, supplier and collaborator data.

Visitors to my website are not obliged to provide personal data.

Nevertheless, anyone interested in my services can contact me via the contact information provided, and some personal data has to be collected in order to establish communication.

The legal basis for processing your data is to perform the services you request or to take necessary steps prior to fulfilling that request and complying with legal requirements.

I collect, store and use such personal data for the purposes of issuing a quote or providing translation, editing, revision or subtitling services that you request, or to comply with legal requirements.

I do not use your personal data for marketing purposes.

Categories of data subjects

I hold data on clients, suppliers, collaborators, data processors and potential clients for legitimate interests.

Categories of personal data

Personal data collected may include your name, postal address, email address, telephone number, ID or tax number, conditions of payment and delivery, and bank account details.

The data in question will be retained throughout the business relationship only or for the length of time stipulated to comply with legal and tax obligations.

Retention of personal data

Data relating to quotes will be retained for up to six months. In the case of work carried out, I am obliged to retain your personal data for five years to comply with tax obligations. I will delete email communication after five years.

Third party access

If I send a text for revision or editing to a colleague, either that text will be anonymised so that your personal data will not appear, or the colleague will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement where necessary. They will be advised of their legal obligations in relation to confidentiality and professional secrecy.

Other parties may have access to your personal data for administrative purposes, including my website and email hosting services, as well as the accountancy service and online invoicing system I use for billing and tax purposes. All of these parties are GDPR-compliant (please also see the section on security measures below).

Your rights and obligations

I take all precautionary measures to guarantee the security, integrity and confidentiality of your personal data in compliance with the EUROPEAN GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION (EU) 2016/679, in relation to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data.

You have the right to access, modify, erase or contest the personal data that I hold, in accordance with the aforementioned EU regulation. Please send your request directly to me using the contact provided above, and I will act upon this as soon as possible, within a maximum of one month from the date of your request.

Please contact me at if you have any concerns about how I process your personal data. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body in Spain or in the country where you live.

Security measures

I take all possible precautionary measures to guarantee that your personal data is safeguarded.

Updates to computers and devices: The equipment used for storing and processing personal data is updated as frequently as possible.

Malware: Anti-virus software is installed on the equipment used for storing and processing personal data to prevent the theft or destruction of this information. This anti-virus software is regularly updated.

Firewall: Firewalls are in place on all devices used for storing or processing personal data, to avoid remote unlawful third-party access.

Backup: Personal data is periodically backed up on a device other than that used on a day-to-day basis. The copy is stored in a secure place, separate from the computer containing the original files, so that personal data can be recovered in the event of loss or damage. Should this backup be done via electronic methods, an encrypted method is used to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data, in the event of unlawful third-party access.

Technical measures: All electronic systems in use for storing or processing personal information are password protected.

Breaches of personal data

In the event of a security breach of personal data – due to theft or unlawful access, for example – I will notify the Spanish Data Protection Agency within 72 hours of this security breach coming to my attention. Such notification will include all of the information necessary to clarify the circumstances in which the breach took place. Notification will be done electronically via the Spanish Data Protection Agency online portal:

  1. Cookie Policy

Like most websites, mine also uses cookies to collect data. Cookies are small data files which are stored on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet or similar) as you browse. They are used to remember when your device accesses this website, helping it operate effectively and improving your user experience.

The data collected includes data relating to the pages viewed and your journey around the website. These cookies are not used to collect or record your name, address or other contact details.

You can disable the use of cookies by changing your browser settings to reject cookies. If you do disable cookies, some of the website’s services may no longer function properly.

This Privacy Notice was updated on 21 February 2019 and will be reviewed as and when necessary. Should any differences occur between the various language versions, the English language version will prevail.

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I have lived and worked in Spain for a total of 17 years, in Valencia, Andalusia and Galicia. I feel fortunate that the pleasure I get from reading, writing and culture has taken me into a career I love. Expressing people’s voices and helping them get heard is my vocation.

This dedication means that a fair portion of my spare time is spent studying my craft. In 2015, I was awarded the Institute of Linguist’s Diploma in Translation, the UK’s “gold standard” for professional translators, and in 2017 I gained a Master’s in Audiovisual Translation. I attend conferences in my profession and fields as often as possible to hone my skills and catch up with colleagues.

As much as my business is my pleasure, I do have a life away from my computer screens. I am also a (mediocre) pianist, (slow) swimmer and (armchair) debater. Oh, and (flustered) mother of two.

Read about my career or contact me.

Kate Major

(DipTrans IoLET)

  • MA in Audiovisuval Translation (ISTRAD, University of Cádiz)
  • Diploma in Translation (Chartered Institute of Linguists)
  • BA in English Literature and Spanish Studies (Cardiff University)
  • Foundation Diploma in Art and Design (Coleg Sir Gâr – CCTA)

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